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More creative works of Mr. November

Please visit the following links to Wesley Novembers other artistic adventures!

Hanzo Kitchen! Hot sauces, cocktail mixes and more!

Wesley November has found a love for cooking and is sharing his amazing mixes with all of you! Wesley has created these recipes and they have become a crowd favorite! He has found exotic peppers and spices from all over the world to create these amazing products. Vegan, No GMO’s, Organic and they taste amazing too!


Wesley November travels all over the world taking photos of historic landmarks and buildings. He enjoys the hun for the vintage and the love for history. Capturing these moments in his: cold, dark and wet style. Finding beauty in architecture and the work of craftsmen from years past.

Atticus Twain

Wesley November had gained notoriety and success from his early 2000’s band Elvis Wesley and the Pistol Whippers. Now he has picked up his Bass’s again and created this dirty style of blues and rock. A thick sound from his custom made bass’s and his very own bass pieces. This duo is a must see performance of passion and drive.

The fictional author.

Wesley’s first book -Death, The Devil and I (2013)- put his stamp in the realm of writing. With the sales from his first book and excitement he quickly began to finish his second book -Pleonexia (2013)- and hasn’t stopped. He has release both of these books through iTunes and Amazon. Hard copies are available twice a year, so stay tuned! There are several more books in the works right now and he sees no need to stop any time soon.

Sticks n Mud

Wesley November is an avid camper and loves the outdoors. So! With his love of traveling and camping he has designed and manufactured his very own line of camping trailers. Giving everyone who loves camping, a better bang for their buck! And the cool features that they need to enjoy a full camping experience by themselves or with friends. This aWESome little trailers also have additions for pets too!

Frank’s Used Tires!

Frank’s Used Tires is a comedy sketch team written with Wesley’s long time friend Tim Sabics. These two have come up with the incredibly hilarious sketch comedy for Instagram. Their slogan “When you only have a minute to laugh.” Makes sense with todays technology and social media. Click the link and share your laughter with the world!